Bimbuto – The Funnel for Thermomix TM31, TM5 and TM6 and Monsieur Cuisine Connect and Plus


More than a funnel: the shape of the Easyflow tip is designed to make it easier to add and mix ingredients. The very wide opening also prevents the ingredients from spilling onto the work surface. The funnel has a capacity of about 2.2 LT..

Environmentally Friendly


Entirely made of Polive, a biomaterial derived from vegetable oils and produced by bacteria through a natural process. It is the alternative to traditional plastic of fossil origin, resistant and non-toxic. The gasket is made of bio TPU, a thermoplastic rubber, recyclable at the end of its life

Designed and Made in Italy


The funnel is entirely designed and made in Italy. In addition to making it look great, the external soft-touch satin finish and the internal extra glossy finish also make it practical and functional.